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Look at the pictures for our new Vance & Hines Pipes for your American IronHorse, Harley or other big V-Twins. These pipes come with chrome heat shields. They give your bike the really bad-ass look and sound. We have them in stock! Also look at the Chrome Power Air Flow Filter. It really adds to the cool look on your bike. We stock, sell, and install these also.

Notice the pictures of the "Windvest" windshield for the American IronHorse Motorcycles. We have them in stock to fit all American IronHorse motorcycles! They really look cool and take nothing away from the looks of your bike. They will however, cut the wind & bugs from your face!!!!!


Got problems with the Chopper Petcock? We have you covered!

***** Now back in stock! *****

Rebuild kits now available. You don't have to buy a new expensive petcock. Call us.


American IronHorse Speedometers

*Speedometer problems? No problem, call us!*


******* Super Tire Sale! *******

Sample Tire Prices Below

Metzeler Tires: 300/35R-18 - Retail $516.95 ..Sale Price $319.99

Metzeler Tires: 280/35R-18 - Retail $469.95 ..Sale Price $289.99

Metzeler Tires: 240/40R-18 - Retail $342.95 ..Sale Price $219.99

Check our Tire Prices before you buy. We have the best prices in the state!

Call to check on tire prices for all Customs, Harleys, & Metric bikes!

We also sell & install aftermarket accessories, exhaust systems, and tires for all metric bikes as well as Harleys & Customs. We offer super deals for the sport bike riders on tires. We want to be your dealer to help you with your needs.


** Specials on Vance & Hines Big Radius Pipes **

American IronHorse RSD TX, SZ - Sale $699.95 ...................In Stock

American IronHorse RSD SC, SY - Sale $699.95 ...................In Stock

American IronHorse RSD SJ, LSC - Sale $699.95 .................In Stock

American IronHorse LSD - Retail $709..95 - Sale $619.95 .....In Stock

Big Dog 06-08 K-9, Mastiff - Retail $709.95 - Sale $614.95 ...In Stock

Harley Softail 86-11 - Retail $704.95 - Sale $599.95 ...............In Stock

Harley Dyna 91-05 - Retail $704.95-----------------Sale $598.95----$569.95

Harley Dyna 06-11 - Retail $704.95----------------Sale $598.95----$579.95

Harley Softail 07-11 (Black) - Retail $799.95--Sale $699.95----$659.95


AIH Softail Passenger Pad
AIH Tejas Passenger Pad
AIH LSC Passenger Pad
After Market Passenger Pad
02 - 04 TX, SY Air Solo
05-07 TX,05-06 SZ - Air Solo
05-06 TX,SZ
Out of Stock
07 Bandera Seat
05-06 Legend 2"Push Seat Out of Stock
05-06 Legend

05-07 Legend Air Solo

08-09 TX w/wo 2" Push Air Solo


Air Ride 2up Seat w/Sissy Bar

05-07 TX & 05-06 SZ

Air Ride Solo Seat

05-07 TX & 05-06 SZ

Check out the Air Ride 2-up seat on the chopper above. We also make a Air Ride solo seat. The 2-up seat has a integrated Sissy Bar built into the seat. The Sissy Bar is removable from the seat. The seat slides in like the factory seat with suction cups. Five seconds on, five seconds off. Look cool and take care of your passenger and or travel bag. We can cover the seat with any exotic skins you want with additional pricing. Check with us for pricing. You will love these seats. They are the best comfort for your butt that money can buy! Give yourself or your "sweetie" a sore butt break!

Who says you can't ride in comfort & carry travel gear on a American IronHorse Chopper motorcycle! Check the pictures above. With one of our custom 2-up air seats with the sissy bar, you can add the LZ Rider bag w/backrest and travel like riding a HD dresser bike. We designed these seats for the custom chopper rider. I know, because I ride one myself. Call and talk with Charles about the seats & travel bags to be able to ride & travel with luggage in comfort.

No more pain in the butt riding. We now offer a air ride comfort seat that will make your butt fall in love with you for the first time!


Sissy Bars Below for 240 - 280 tires, Softail & Rigid Available

Tall SB Pad with Hardware
Tall SB Pad with Hardware
Tall Sissy Bars - 240 & 280 Tire
Short Sissy Bars - 240 & 280 Tire w/Mounts/Hardware
Short SB Pad w/Hardware
Tall Sissy Bar Rigid 280 Tire w/Mounts/Hardware
Short Sissy Bar Rigid 280 Tire w/Mounts/Hardware
Chrome Strut set 04-up LSC, 05-up Tejas - Provision for Sissy Bar


AIHM95004304 - Foward Control Spacer with UMI Controls AIHM95004104 Motor Mount, Fwd. Cntr, Left Brkt, All bikes with UMI Controls AIHM95004204 Motor Mount, Fwd Cntr, Right Brkt, All bikes with UMI Controls AIH Shift Rod - SS, 12" AIH Shift Rod - SS, 13"
AIHE35002602 Fwd. Cntr. Brake Mount, 05-Up TX,SY,SZ AIHE35003502 Fwd. Cntr. Shifter Mount, 05-Up TX,SY,SZ AIHM95004004 Front Motor Mount - All bikes with UMI Controls AIH Pointed Peg Set Chrome 05-up TX & SZ AIH Pointed Shift/Brake Peg Set , Chrome 05-up TX & SZ

AIHF65000100 Handle Bar Grips Chrome Solid Billet 00-04 Bikes Back in Stock


04 -Back Drag Bar Chrome, All Bikes

AIH Smooth Peg Set Chrome 05-up SC,SY,SJ,TH
AIH Smooth Shift/Brake Peg Set , Chrome 05-UP SC,SY,SJ,TH

Pointed Hand Grip Set Chrome, 05 up SZ,TX but will work on all AIH bikes

Chrome Handlebar Control Kit Hyd. 11/16" AIHF11001205

Black Handlebar Control Kit Hyd.


New Handlebars

05-Up TX & TH

05-07 SC

Brake/Shift Peg Set, Chrome 04-Back - except 04-back SZ AIHBP/SP,C

AIH Early Model Pegs Chrome, 04-Back All except SZ


Picture Soon
Chrome Outer - 3-Piece Billet Primary Cover AIHN15000802

Chrome Inner Primary Cover AIHN15003704 1-7/16" offset

Chrome Inner Primary Cover AIHN15000003 1/2" offset

Chrome Inner Primary Cover AIHN15000004 --0" offset

Axle Covers - Smooth Polished - SC,SY AIHT74001203P

TX Inspection Cover, Chrome

All TX Choppers

Axle Covers Chrome Ball-Milled - SC,SY AIHT74002305C

Chrome Ball-Milled Stealth Axle Covers - BA,SZ,TX


Chrome Flame Stealth Axle Covers - BA,SZ,TX


Chrome Smooth Stealth Axle Covers - BA,SZ,TX


Ball Milled Derby Cover, Chrome

All Bikes

Ball Milled Inspection Cvr Chrome

All Bikes

Flame Inspection Cover, Chrome All Bikes


Rigid Axle Cover Chrome or Polished SJ, TH AIHT74001905C AIHT74001805P Axle Covers, Chrome Flamed - SC,SY AIHT74002705C

AIH Oval Slotted Mirror

All Bikes

Raised Logo Derby Cover Chrome

All Bikes

Complete Flamed Chrome Derby Cover, Inspection Cover & Axle Cover set
AIH Chrome Softail Foot Control Levers 04-Back
AIH Chrome Rigid Foot Control Levers 04-Back
Flame Stem Mirror All Bikes
AIH Sports Triangle Mirror All Bikes
Grip Repl Rubbers 04-back AIHF65000402
Chrome Brake & Shift Lever Caps for Forward Controls Chrome Brake & Shift Levers 05-Up TX, SZ & 05-UP TH,SJ,SY,SC
Pointed Foot Peg Rubbers 05-up TX,SZ
Smooth Foot Peg Rubbers 05-up SC,SY,SJ, LSC
Chrome License Plate Back w/Mount Bracket 05-06 SZ, 05-07 TX
Chrome License Plate Back w/Mount Bracket 04 back TX , SZ

Chrome License Plate LED Light Holder - All Models

Pointed Shift/Brake Rubbers 05-up TX,SZ Smooth Shift/Brake Peg Rubbers 05 UP SC,SY,SJ,LSC Chrome License Vertical Plate Back, 05-Up All Bikes except 07-08 SZ Chrome License Plate Mount Bracket for 05-Up SC,SY Folding Lic Plate Assy for 07 & 08 SZ, some 08-09 TX, Chrome or Machine Finish
Shift/Brake Peg Repl Rubbers 04-back except SZ AIHPG83233 Footpeg Repl Rubbers 04-back except SZ AIHPG82334 Chrome Front Fender Extended Mount, 03-04 all models, 05-Up SC,SY AIHR61003006C Chrome License Plate Mount Bracket for SJ, TH Chrome License Vertical Plate Back shown w/Bracket for SJ, TH
AIHR61003006P Polished Front Fender Extended Mount, 03-04 all models, 05-Up SC,SY AIHR61002906C Chrome Front Fender Mount 05-up all models except 07-Up SZ & 08-Up TX AIHR61002805P Front Fender Mount - TX Anniv, 07-08 SZ, 08-09 TX

Polished or Chrome License Plate Back w/Mount Bracket 05-07 SC, SY

AIHR45000302P Chopper Petcock Standoff, Polished SS
AIHH95017205 RHC Mount Plate - Note: There are two types, one for the Daytec & one for the modified Bourget Frame.

AIHH95067007 RHC Adapter Plate & Clamp Assy, 07 TH


AIHV35003405 Splash Shield Bracket, 05-07 TX, 05-06 SZ

AIHR45000803 Original Aluminum Petcock for choppers

The Petcock shown above will accept the Petcock repair kit shown below. The repair kit will not fit any other petcock.

AIHN75000100 Inner Clutch Hub

99-02 All Bikes, 03 SC,SY,SX,SJ, 04 TX

AIHH49000500 Starter Jackshaft

03-UP All bikes

Passenger Peg Mount Assy
04 Up LSC - 05 Up Tejas

AIHE21001602C Passenger Peg Mount Assy

01 -04 Tejas

Chopper Petcock Rebuild Kit AIHK77-312A

Now In Stock!

AIHN35004903P Rear Belt Guard LHD 04 SZ, TX


Sold Out

AIHT79008405P Bracket Assy, Rear Brake Line, Stealth Swingarm

AIHR31000503 Gas Cap

99-03 All (except TX), 04-06 SZ, 04-07 SY, SJ

AIHR31000603Gas Cap

03-07 TX, 04-07 TH, 04-07 SC

CC28381 - Super Sale $69.95 - Starter Jackshaft Kit for 89-93 Harley-Davidson - Kit includes starter shaft, coupling, 9-tooth pinion gear, clips, spring, lock tab, washer & screw


AIHQ15000201P Oil Tank Cap - All Bikes

117 Chrome Points Cover AIHH45002404C

Out of Stock

RHD Softail Front Belt Guard RHD Rigid Front Belt Guard

American IronHorse Electrical Items in stock!

Igniters - RHC Control Modules - Power Control Modules

Coils - Regulaters - Stators - Rotors - Smart Flash Modules

Speedo Sensors - Batteries (310 Cold Cranking Amps)

( For all Models from 02 -09 )


AIH 06-Up Ignition Switch
AIH 07 PIAA Headlight w/Braided Wiring, puts out twice the light

Out of Stock

AIH Pre-07 Headlight w/Braided Wiring
AIH Front Turn
Signal w/Braided Wiring Available for 05-back and 06-up LED
AIH Upgrade LED Light Kit for 03 thru 05 bikes except 03 TX - On Sale $69.95


Ignition Switch

AIH Spark Plug Wires

05-Up Models except 07 SZ

AIH Spark Plug Wires - 04-back Models except LSC,Ranger, & Stalker

AIHG51001203C Chrome Front T-Signal Standoffs All models 03-Up

AIHH45005007C Ignition Assy, Air Ride

07-08 SZ


03-05 Coil


06-Up Coil

AIHH31000503 Ignition Pickup for all 03 Models with 107 & 113

AIHH81000402 Duo-Fire Ignition Module 2000 ST, 2001 SX, 2002 TX,SX,SC,SG,SZ,SJ,SW

AIHH95071007 Igniter Wiring Harness for 07 SJ, TH


Ign. Coil, Duel Fire


Upgrade Coil Mount Kit 03-04, includes Solid Billet Coil Mount Bracket & Chrome Coil Cover


AIH Thin Speedo Sensor Spacer RHD, .075",05-07 TX,SC,SY,SJ,TH & 05-06 SZ & 07-08 BA,JD

AIH Chrome Speedo Sensor Spacer for Pulley Mount Speedo Sensors Speedo Sensor AIH Bikes

Kit includes AIHH21000100 & AIHH25000100

AIHH21000100 Chrome Coil Mount Bracket...99-02 SY,SX,SJ,TX,SZ,SW,SC 03 SY,SZ,SJ,TX

AIHH45000602P Ignition Switch Housing, Polished, 02-03 all models except Air Ride models

AIHH95064007 Harness, Ign. Coil, 4-Pin, 07-Up All except SZ


02 Sensor Module 07-UP SZ

AIHH25000100 Coil-Cover



05-09 Coil Cover


Bump Stop AIHV21004805 fits Stealth Swingarm 02-up except 07 SZ & 08 TX


AIHH95065007 Harness, Ign. Coil, 3-Pin, 07-UP, SZ,GS

AIH95018206 Wiring Harness, Ign. Coil, Delphi, 06 All bikes
Hollow Stem Stainlesss Steel Bolts for Rear T-Signals - Call for model fitment


Oil Filter Mount wo/filter

Models 04-UP

AIHPG5080-113 Air Ride Switch 07-Up SZ, 07 TX

AIHH95084007 Air Ride Harness, 07-Up SZ AIHH95084508 Harness, Headlamp, 32" Blk, 07 BA,CC


Smart Flash Module - All 03-04 Model Bikes

Out of Stock

Idle Air Control 07-up SZ Throttle Position Sensor 07-up SZ

RHC Control Module

All 05-up models


***** Now in Stock! *****

Hard to find Joker Control Switches & Buttons for older Slammers

Billet Buttons - Hi/Low-Kill Switch - Start - Horn - Turn Switches


Special Inventory!

AIHT35007107C - "New Chrome" Bandit Rear Wheel 18 x 10.5

AIHT35009707C - "New Chrome" Street Fighter Ft Wheel 21 x 3.5 SOLD

AIHU21008904C --Chrome 4 Degree Triple Tree Set, 06-Back

AIHU21013907C - Chrome 4 Degree Triple Tree Set, all 07-Up except 07-08 SZ

AIHT35006607C - "New Chrome" Fuel Front Wheel 21 x 3.5

AIHT35006207P - "New Polished" Fuel Front Wheel - 21 x 2.15

New Chrome Rear Hubs - 07 & 08 SZ SOLD

AIHU21013707C - Chrome Triple Tree Set - 07 & 08 SZ Only

American IronHorse RSD Hydraulic Clutch Actuator, Chrome
American IronHorse RSD Mechanical Clutch Actuator, Chrome

AIHU21001201 -Triple Tree Neck Stem, Stainless Steel, all Models

AIHU21004003 Triple Tree Neck Stem Nut, SS, P - All Models

AIH Bike Cover w/Provision for Sissy Bar - Fits all 01-07 Cruisers except 07 SZ

AIH Chopper Cover - Provision for Sissy Bar - All 02-UP TX, 04-UP LSC & 05-07 SC

"New Chromed" Lower Leg Sliders

"New Chromed" Lower Leg Caps

AIHU21001301Neck Cup Set w/o Bearing Shield--- 05-back

AIHU21011406 Neck Cup Set w/Bearing Shield -06-Present

"New Chromed" Lower Leg Set Complete w/leg caps, axle, axle nut, both caliper mounts & both fender mounts - $799.95

AIHT77009103C Caliper Mount, Front - All Bikes

AIH Stainless Steel Neck Stop wo/Bearing Shield All 05-Back AIHU21004403P AIH Stainless Steel Neck Stop w/Bearing Shield - All 06-Present AIHU21011306P


Rear Caliper Mount, 05-07 TX

AIHT77013804C Rear Caliper Mount, 04-up LSC, 05-up SC,SJ,SY


4-Piston Brake Pads, all models except 04-Up SZ


6-Piston Brake Pads, 04-Up SZ

AIHT77013804C Rear Caliper Mount, 04-07 TH, 05-07 SC, SY

AIH77012704P Rear Caliper Mount, 05-06 SZ
Picture Soon Picture Soon

AIHT78000400 Frt. M-Cyl Rebuild Kit, Single Disc. AIHT78000300 Frt. Duel Disc except 04-Back SZ AIHT78000500 Rear M-Cyl Rebuild Kit, all except SR, 04-back SZ

Rotor Ring

All AIH Bikes except Stalker


Rear Caliper & License Mount Chrome,Polish,Raw 07-up SZ, 08 TX

Brake Caliper Pistons

4 --- Piston Calipers & 6 -- Piston Calipers

AIH Wheel Bearings for front & rear wheels AIHF45000605P Clutch Cable Guide Trans Mount if you are tired of dragging your frame clamp off & screwing up your painted frame

** CHROME ** 3" Extensions for AIH Fwd Controls Sale - $219.95

Picture Soon
AIHF45000906P Cable Guide Assy under speedo - All models 05-up


Solid Billet Chromed Top Fork Bolt Covers


Solid Billet Chromed Engine Head Bolt Covers

AIH Caliper Rebuild Kits - 4 & 6 Piston Calipers

All are in Stock

  Belt Pulleys  

Sweeper Pulley Polish Finish LSD 1-1/2" Wide 70T


Lone Star 111 Pulley, Chrome Finish

1-1/2" Wide 70T SOLD OUT

Burner Pulley Chrome Finish RSD

1-1/2" Wide 70T AIHT35005706CSOLD OUT

Burner Pulley Machine Finish RSD

1-1/2" Wide 70T SOLD OUT

Fuel Pulley Machine Finish 1-1/2" Wide 70T


Rattler Pulley Machine Finish1-1/2" Wide 70Tooth


Static Pulley Machine Finish 1-1/2" - Wide 70Tooth


Street Fighter Pulley Polish Finish 1-1/8" Wide 65 Tooth


Coyote CT Pulley Polish Finish

1-1/2" Wide 70T SOLD OUT

Spy Pulley - Machine Finish

1-1/2" Wide 70TSOLD OUT

Pentacle Pulley Machine Finish

1-1/2" Wide 70TSOLD OUT

Dagger Pulley Polish Finish

1-1/2" Wide 70TSOLD OUT


Don't panic, if you can't find your pulley, we can rebuild your old one.


We have 100's of other items not listed . Give us a call!


**** Used Parts for Sale below ****

Complete Forward Control Set for AIH    

Used 3 months, Ridley Auto-Glide Classic Seat

$75.00 - $49.95

Used Raised Logo AIH Black & Silver Derby Cover


Used 2010 FLHX factory Seat w/Tour Box Back Rest Pad w/Arm Rest

Perfect Condition $120.00



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